Bingo for the Brain

Some people have been skeptic about the bingo, it being a type of gambling that could put one in and indispensible addiction and financial trouble. They often cite disadvantages such as a mind-dulling game and physical inactivity that keeps some away from this type of game. However, recent studies from the academe are showing the opposite of this and gave light to an advantage of bingo. They claim that in fact, bingo could contribute to mental alertness, vision acuity, and coordination between the eye and the hand. This is especially true for the elderly.

In the study conducted, there were testimonies from the senior citizens that were recorded in their interview. They say that it helps them be mentally sharp because they had to attend to turning their cards, finding the numbers, and putting up to winning. Moreover, they do other things such as knitting or fixing their things while playing. A test was conducted among players and non-players to provide the quantitative comparison. It showed that people who play bingo regularly had a significant difference with non-players in terms of mental alertness. Being that players are more alert than those who do not play. The regularity of their engagement with the game maintains their level of mental alertness. Also it provides for a greater level of awareness with the surroundings because the very nature of the game places an emphasis on being aware with other people and the environment while playing. The study is not without criticisms. As of the moment, they are still trying to test and retest it further to establish validity and reliability.

Another medical benefit pointed out in the study is that bingo paves the way for socialization of the players. Aside from playing the game, the players also interact with other players and are able to express their emotions and share their stories with fellow players. For the senior citizens, it helps keep them from being alone and feeling depressed. Socialization could also be considered as a coping mechanism for some. It will not help the person stave off the problem immediately but would rather help through giving them the time to think while enjoying in playing the game.

Bingo is like hitting two birds with one stone. It is a way to spend time with friends and colleagues or meet new people while keeping the mental health at its maximum level. So, why not try a game of bingo today and reap its advantages.


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