Bingo Chatroom 101 Etriquette

Online bingo's greatest asset are the numerous chatrooms it has. Bingo has gone a long way from the traditional paper and dauber into a high tech, international game spot for many people of all ages. While the traditional bingo still exists, many people now endore the sport mainly because of the chat function.

Over the years bingo has been hitting an all time low and it was only with the spread of the internet that bingo rose in popularity. Of course when any game hits the internet, there are bound to pop us ways of communicating with other [players since it is now an internationally endorsed game. Enter the chatrooms.

A chatroom doesn't have any set physical boundaries because it is found online in cyber space. A chatroom can only be formed by a leader known as the Chat Moderator or Mod for short. The Mod has the power to open up as many chat rooms as their servers would allow it and play host to many people at the same time. Up a hundred rooms or more can be opened but this would require additional CM to the site.

The topics in the chatroom may vary but the main premise why the players are in the room is because of their love for the game of bingo. As such, the CM have instilled a lot of things that are permitted and not permitted inside:

Racial comments and other forms of such are not allowed in the chatroom. With the spread of bingo to other parts of the world, one will always be in a chatroom with these players and anything that is said may be offensive and drive the player away. Innocent sounding comments may anger or humiliate other members. Be sure to check what one says before sending the message.No one wants to play with a bigot or fascist.

Players should select a nickname to use in a chatroom. Using ones own name is okay in the chatroom but it could lead other people who have sinsiter desires to lift the information for their own use. Players should use nicknames that best describes them and may even help bring out a more creative side to them. Using nicknames of a sexual nature or reference is a sure way of getting booted out.

All chatters must be above the age of 18 to be able to participate. While some chatrooms may require the chatter to participate by keying in a credit card number, others just rely on the players honesty when signing up. By legal laws pertaining to gambling, players must have reached the legal age for them to engage in any such acts.

Keeping the playing atmosphere is an aspect of online bingo that needs to be kept as the norm always. Players should note that bingo is an honest and fair game to all. Players must do their share in keeping the chat environment healthy and clean. More importantly, the chatroom is not a place for losing players to vent or rage about their losses.


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