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Bingo EXercise: Keep the Blood Flowing A s You Play

Playing bingo can keep you rooted on your seat for hours until you can no longer feel your legs, your butt, or anything else. Indeed, bingo can do a lot for your mind. It can twist your mind into full activity and keep it alert and fit. Bingo is also good for your reflexes, because you have to be quick if you want to beat those other players to the jackpot prize.

But face it, there's a tendency for blood to pool down your legs and make them heavier than if they were filled with lead if you sit down for long periods at a time, something that you would have a tendency to do it you were playing bingo.

Losing the circulation in your lower legs, and to the rest of your body is not good news. Here's a few simple exercises to help you keep the blood flowing to your brain and the rest of your body as you play your favorite game.

Start with the head. Slowly turn your head from one side to another, being careful not to pull anything. Do this 5 times.

Next, go down to the shoulders. Do the shoulder shrugs by slowly lifting up your shoulders and then slowly bringing them back down. Do this 10-15 times, but be careful not to lift your shoulders too high. This exercise will relax your neck and back muscles, perfect for relieving the neck cramps that you'll likely get after staring down at your cards for too long.

If you want to do a few torso twists, then go ahead. You can do this while sitting down. With spine straight, turn your torso to the left, feeling the stretch along the muscles on your sides. Do this for the other side. This is good for stretching your side muscles as well as the muscles on your back.

Leg raises are good for your hips and stomach muscles, are very appropriate to do if you feel that your legs are starting to fall asleep. The good thing is you can also do this even while sitting down, perfect if you are waiting for the next game to start. Sit up straight, and place both hands on the sides of your chair. With both feet firmly on the floor slowly raise one leg up, but be careful not to raise it too high. Raise it to the height that you feel comfortable with and slowly bring it back down. Do this with the other leg. You can do this exercise 5-6 times.

These are only a few of the many exercises you can do to keep the blood flowing as you wait for the next round of bingo to begin. Doing these short exercises will surely help keep your mind alert and fresh and ready to go after that bingo jackpot!


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