Most Popular Online Bingo Lingo

For bingo players who are new to the game, some words coming out of the chat area may be difficult to comprehend. Usually some bingo players uses a set of word abbreviation or shorthand to keep up with the fast pace of the virtual caller and at the same maintaining conversation with other players. Those who are new may sometimes not be able to understand what they mean; here are some of the most popular shorthand bingo players uses:

gl. "Good luck!" This is usually written before the start of the game. It is good gestures to write "gl" in the chat area to wish other players good luck and at the same wishing also luck for yourself.

pls. "Please" Sometimes when a player is on the brink of winning a jackpot, he may type this to wish that the next number would be the one he needs. For example if he needs "B-8" to win, he would type "8 pls" in the chat box.

75 - There are also some times that a player when is about to hit bingo type "75" only in the chat box. He may be wishing it to be drawn and wishes good luck for himself or letting other players know that it is the number that he needs to hit bingo.

gg "Good game" This is usually typed after a game ends from a player who is a good sport.

wtg. "Way to go!" A usual word typed by other players in the chat box when a winner wins in online bingo.

gj "Good job" Just another term used to say "way to go"

tyvm "Thank you very much" A player uses this shorthand to give thanks to all other players who wish him well.

brb "Be right back" A player type this when he needs to be away from his computer, either he stands to answer the phone, get a cup of coffee or just doing something away from the computer.

lol "Laugh out loud" During a game, a player may punch in a joke in the chat box. Since no one may see you laugh online, some players just uses this abbreviation to let other know that they appreciate the joke.

rofl "Roll on the floor laughing" This is usually used if the joke is extremely hilarious.

These are only some of the most popular bingo lingo being used while playing. A bingo player must know these to be able to keep pace with the game and at the same time keeping up to what other players are talking in the chat area.


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