Bingo- the Game for Everyone

Few games offer as much fun as Bingo. Very popular in parties and gatherings, its availability online now makes it easier than ever to play with your friends all over the world.

There are some subtle differences in Bingo rules, but the basic gameplay hasn't changed. All the players are handed out 5x5 cards where numbers are randomly placed. As the game begins, a caller declares the number drawn from a machine. The aim of all players is to mark those numbers (if they appear on his/her card).

The first player to get all the Bingo numbers aligned in one of the predetermined patterns wins. Also, there is a free space in the middle of the card to make the completion of a pattern easier. Placing a chip on the number, or marking it with a pen/marker are the most common methods.

To increase the chances of hitting the jackpot, players can buy several cards at once, something msot people do. When you complete the pattern on a card, yell "Bingo!"

Playing online Bingo offers several advantages, especially for new players. One of the most useful features is that of the automated marking feature; anytime a number called matches the one on your card, it's automatically "daubed". This is very good for those whose hand-eye coordination is not yet fully adjusted for the game.

Another very functional utility of most websites is that of arranging your cards in such a way so that you would be able to clearly see which cards are closest to hitting the jackpot. For those that like to play with lots of Bingo cards, this is an indispensable feature.

Playing Bingo on the Internet also allows you the opportunity to play other variants, which may not be available in the "live" hall near you. Most games in North America play 75 ball, but in the United Kingdom, 90 ball is more popular.

In 90 ball Bingo, numbers are arranged in a 9x3 grid, with 15 numbers for each card. There are three levels of play, in level one, 5 numbers must be marked, in level two, ten numbers, and on the final stage (the Full House), all 15 numbers on the card must be daubed.

Prizes in both live and virtual Bingo continue to grow and expand as the number of players that are playing increase. Of course, there are still those that give away gifts instead, usually when the games are held in church or at charity events, which makes the game ideal for everyone.


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